Fridays | 8:00pm – 9:30pm | 231 Habkirk Drive, Regina SK
New Bible Study Series (10 Basic Steps toward Christian Maturity) begins January 4, 2019.
– The bible study series dives into the basics of the Christian Faith. The series introduces Jesus Christ and
explains how to live the Christian walk. There are 10 steos, each consisting of six to seven lessons that will
provide a solid foundation for christian growth.
Our Corporate Prayer is about cooperating with God and abandoning our desires and submitting to God’s

Sunday Worship Services

Sundays | 105 Broadway Avenue, Regina SK (Main Auditorium of Broadway United Church)
– Worship Services begins at 2:30pm

The lord’s supper/Communion

First Sunday of each month | After the Word

Tea & Talk Time

First Sunday of each month | 4:15pm (after worship service) | In the Foyer
– A wonderful chance to meet with and socialize with your fellow brethren in Christ.